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The Christian Foundation for the Blind In Thailand Under the Royal Patronage of H.M. the King.

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Location of the Benyalai Online Library.

Location of the Benyalai Online Library.

Human Resources Officer, Benyalai Library The Blind Foundation for the Blind in Thailand Under the Royal Patronage Mr. Pira Pilita, Head of the Bureau of the Bureau of the Bureau of Missions, Ms. Pornvimol Kunanuntun, Chief of Staff, Mrs. Yungvangvatavong, General Services Staff, Production and Information Technology Services Division, Ms. Naree Kongpinij Head of Production and Services Division. ICT Ms. Anya Im sea staff and media services Jutamas Ms. Zhuang's actions to investigate and evaluate staff. Media Standards Division, Systems Development and Technology Services Department, Mr. Jacana Manee, Head of Systems Development and Technology Services, Mr. Tanitak Kiewtongthong, Web Admin Staff, Mr. Chanapong Boonme, Media Monitoring and Evaluation Officer, Database Development and Public Relations Ms. Natthapat Wittaya Pakorn Head of Database and Public Relations Department Ms. Saranaya Kernasrapradar Technology Staff

Management Structure University Library Ramintr saints Foundation for the Blind in Thailand. Under the patronage of Prof. Viriya Name Siripong The President of the Foundation Mrs. Kanokan Siriwong, Director of the Foundation Advisory Board of the Library Ms. Sudjai Dankaew Deputy Director of Finance / Accounting Mr. Komol Malaithong Vice President Academic Affairs Ms. Phichitra Thongtham Executive Vice President Mrs. Kanokarn Siriwong Vice President Public Relations and information Department of revenue Vinit Deputy Director of Special Affairs Bureau of the Executive Board of the library's head of planning. Policies and monitor the implementation of the work plan of the Bureau of the Office of Administration / Personnel / Registration / Finance / Accounting. Building work And other media production and services, information technology, production and media services. Providing targeted instructional media. Volunteer training, media production, system development and technology services, web site services, Bibular Library services, installation / maintenance services. Media and facilities Database development and public relations, development of service databases Public Relations and Income Generation Introduce library services to target audiences.

Advisory Board for the Blind for the Blind in Thailand In the royal palace 1 Prof. Viriyosorn Siripong President of the Foundation for the Blind in Thailand Under the patronage of 2 Mr. Mukhawong Chavalitkul, Vice President, Foundation and Chairman of the Foundation For the blind in Thailand Under the patronage of 3 Mrs. Kanokarn Siriwong, Director of the Foundation for the Blind in Thailand Under the patronage of 4 Prof. Dr. Prasarn Suebsombat, President of Suranaree University of Technology 5 Asst. Prof. Viroj Limpookang, President of Rajamangala University of Technology Isan Nakhon Ratchasima 6. Dr. Commitment and Retention of Senior Director of Technology for the Disabled and Elderly Center National Electronics and Computer Technology. (NECTEC) National Science and Technology Development Agency Ministry of Science and Technology 7 Mr. Sompong growth deputy department director of the Academic Resource Center, Mahasarakham University 8. Mr.Lawrence Campbell, Program Coordinator for Southeast Asia Higher Education for visually impaired Student / Former President of International Council on Overbrook-Nippon Network on Education for Visually Impaired People (ICEVI) 9. Technology Project (ONNET) 10. Mr. Kitipong Suthi, Director of the Institute for the Blind for Research and Development


Executive Board of the Bibilla Library of the Blessing Foundation for the Blind in Thailand In the royal palace 1 Mr. Kosol Somchada, Chairman of 2 Dr. Montien Boontan Vice Chairman of 3 Mrs. Kanjana Carpetkaew, Vice Chairman of 4 Mr. Winid Mowal, Vice Chairman, 5 Mr. Phatthana Khabha Director 6 Mrs. Arporn Piyametdee, Director of 7 Mr. Weera Manopoolon Director 8 Mr. Prasit Prathumrat, Director of 9 Mr. Tanakom Taowawat Director 10 Mr. Ekkamol Patayanan, Director of 11 Dr. Nantuch Suwanarut Director 12 Mr. Peerapol Ritman, Director and Secretary, 13 Miss One Ruthai Puangpet Director 14 Mr. Tevapong Puangpet Director 15 Dr. Pongthip Aroonwattana, Director of 16 Mr. Surachart Rajchanda, Director of 17 Miss Jeraissa Olivares, Director and Assistant Secretary International Affair


Knowledge is our guiding light


Benyalai Online Library Online learning for lifelong learning for those who are visually impaired.


1. The development features a diverse online collection of information to be made available to those who are visually impaired through an online service.

2. Information Service To support education Research and research for people who are visually impaired.

3. Enrich knowledge. Information technology skills for people who are visually impaired. As well as integrating knowledge into practice and actually works.

4. Support and promote the use of information technology for the management of educational services to professionals And research

Aim for the implementation of Benyalai Online Library.

1. To collect and store a variety of information available online. In various formats to meet the needs of those who are visually impaired to have access to ICT. To cover all content

2. To provide the information. Those who are visually impaired teachers, educational personnel. As well as corporate networks via online services.

3. Promoting education and research for people with disabilities and the corporate network.

4. To promote cooperation in the production. Information and media services, as well. Link function And the exchange of information between the School of Education of the Blind under the foundation. Educational institution Including organizations associated network services to a targeted audience.


1. Benyalai Online Library developed by modern information technology. Centered learning that anyone can access and use it.

2 Develops information technology services for people with visual impairments.

3. Empowering the Electronic Library (.e-Library) For a complete standard and have interesting content. The development and transition to a digital library.

4. Library services in the Living Library, focusing on all parties to participate as appropriate in the operational activities of the Benyalai Online Library.