Benyalai Online Library was established.   2555  started by  Phu Nong Ong    Foundation founder saints for the Blind in Thailand. Nationals  The idea that"No knowledge of where you are in the world.  To create equality in the rights of man." The objective is to develop online services with a comprehensive online library for the target audience. The gathering of knowledge that is relevant and useful for people who are visually impaired, both at home and abroad. With the collaboration of the Foundation's saints.  10 the nationwide institution. Including corporate networks involved.

On 30 July  2555 Benyalai Online Library received the grace of HRH Princess Sirindhorn's. Chakri Sirindhorn  He graciously He is the president presided over the opening ceremony of the library.  The King called  "University building Ramintr"This means that  "The building of knowledge"  It is not possible for such benevolence. The morale of the personnel for the foundation. And students who are visually impaired.