Management Structure University Library Ramintr saints Foundation for the Blind in Thailand. Under the patronage of Prof. Viriya Name Siripong The President of the Foundation Mrs. Kanokan Siriwong, Director of the Foundation Advisory Board of the Library Ms. Sudjai Dankaew Deputy Director of Finance / Accounting Mr. Komol Malaithong Vice President Academic Affairs Ms. Phichitra Thongtham Executive Vice President Mrs. Kanokarn Siriwong Vice President Public Relations and information Department of revenue Vinit Deputy Director of Special Affairs Bureau of the Executive Board of the library's head of planning. Policies and monitor the implementation of the work plan of the Bureau of the Office of Administration / Personnel / Registration / Finance / Accounting. Building work And other media production and services, information technology, production and media services. Providing targeted instructional media. Volunteer training, media production, system development and technology services, web site services, Bibular Library services, installation / maintenance services. Media and facilities Database development and public relations, development of service databases Public Relations and Income Generation Introduce library services to target audiences.