Guided Light is with us.

See it if you can. Together with our guiding light does.

1. Volunteers in the library still want to receive volunteers. Because volunteers are an important part of the production of learning media. To those who are visually impaired Whether it is reading a book, voice, or printing a book to convert it into Braille. There are many more. Those who are visually impaired are eager to learn. As a volunteer to open the world to learn to see the wrong people.

2 Equipment for people with visual impairments, such as computers, reading aids. (Braille display) screen reader and convert it into speech (Screen Reader) etc.

3. The original file or hard copy. For the production of Braille books and audio books Daisy Systems. Since the production of the book comes from the band members. The purchase of books and manuscripts by leading booksellers. If the original book in pdf or hard copy. Helps loosen over time or the cost of production as well.

4. The project development of online learning and access to information technology for people who are visually impaired. The development and production of systems, services or use of facilities that have to be imported from abroad. These devices are expensive. And budget support for the costs of production and media services to people who are visually impaired.

5. Support of the Memorial Library Ramintr University wristband Braille. "We love the gods" Only 20 per line.

Guests can request evidence of the receipt.

1) Transfer Slip (Original or copy)

2) name - surname

3) Address Registration

4) address used to send the receipt.

By all evidence that can be sent.

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