Donation items

Braille is another way of recognizing the media of the blind to learn. Access to information and information. To create the learning process of blind people to keep up with and develop themselves to be in line with ordinary people.
From the production mission, the media supports teaching and learning to blind students studying at the Nakornratchasima Blind School. School And neighboring provinces Of the Bureau of Benya Library throughout the 5 years, it was found that the average paper Braille printing per year 30 box per year. Each box of 1,600 Baht is 48,000 Baht per year.
Therefore, we would like to invite those who would like to support the budget for purchasing Braille printing paper to contribute to the purchase of this paper by the following channels.
One of your sharing It adds a variety of learning opportunities for us. Thank you for being part of Blind Development.
So please kindly donate to the sponsors of the Braille paper for the donation of the Benya Library.

Due to the operation of Benyalai Library, the information media problem was not enough for the target group. The library needs to set a public relations plan to volunteer to help read the record books. And get books to print at home. Which has attracted attention. And have always received positive feedback from the volunteers.
However, it was found that the recorded sound was not standard, the sound was soft, the electromagnetic noise disturbance at all times. From studying the problem. And study tours from several recording studios. It was found that the B modelThe lue-yeti pro is not the only quality that can have a sound card in the noise canceler. And set the recording has many uses. For this reason, Benya Library is planning to replace the microphone in the damaged section is not working. And the sound of the 7 8,800
*** but also loss of property ***
So please be kind to those who wish to contribute to the purchase of the microphone in the recording room. Or can be donated as a model device. The library of Benyada Library, the donation below.

Contribute to the purchase of technology equipment. Facilities for the Blind

From the past operation Benyalai Library Bureau In addition to supporting teaching and learning for the blind, We also develop the knowledge. Skills to use blind facilities technology at all levels, with the notion that there is no barrier to blocking the blind if IT is used and facilities are used. With the teaching of the past, we still lack IT equipment. Equipment technology facility for training examples. And for the blind students is very much like Daisy Book Listener Screen reader for reading books Display and note pads for paper A4. Laser printer Ink cartridges, Flash Drive printers, etc. Those who wish to contribute to the purchase of such equipment can be donated by the channel below it.

Outdoor Learning Resources Project Donation for technology equipment for the blind
Contribute to the development of new learning resources. For children who are visually impaired. With the concept that "learning is not just learning in the classroom anymore"
Bring the natural atmosphere to help create the full potential and to increase the source of learning enough. Those who wish to contribute funds for the Outdoor Learning Program Can be donated by the channel below it.