WiTThai - s02e04 "Art for the Blind" The art of blind eye with Amnatchai Santi and Nithiwadee Thong

ThaiNow to tear from the world of science to look at some of the arts. The problem is. "How to design an art class? Blind children can learn with ordinary children happily. " Teaching MaterialsAmphur andNithiwadi The Faculty of Architecture, Khon Kaen University invented the combination of high-tech. (Computer program) and Lecture (stucco).

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Demonstration program in drawing mode.

A sample of the blind students who participated in the drawing program in the thesis. Master of Arts (Fine Art Design)

About 9 "waiting" Roh's brother

Worksheet "Sea sand beach" I'm not sure about that.

A.Navivadee came to share in the mind of the problem of our art curriculum.

Hue tells the story.Venus 3 era Represented in the teaching of the arts.

Venus of Willendorf Very old art dealer.

Venus of Milo Medium-aged art dealer

Sculpture "woman" in style. Henry Moore Modern Artistic Representatives

Sample of paper-based instructional media

The principle is not perfect. Perfect. But find a simple material at the stationery store, easily reproduced, easily repaired, easily shared between schools. For art teachers, it can be really useful.

Happy Hue. The media has helped spread the work to the masses known and used.

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