Picture of the article: Checking and Evaluating Media Standards with Media Services Miss Jutamas Wongkittakul Author

"Where is the effort? Success is there. " This is a warning to know that. Human effort will lead to the goal of the work. And the resulting work was successful. Remember that always. There are also other people who are looking for opportunities. Need knowledge Want to study about books? And would like to read them as normal people. But how many people will give them the opportunity to have the idea to study the steps and methods of producing Braille. And ready to produce teaching media. As well as the knowledge and knowledge to those people have the opportunity to learn to lead to the development of progress. It also gives them the strength to fight the barriers that come to life. There is a strong body and mind, and can be developed to have more knowledge, that is, people with visual impairment. Or call that short. "Visually impaired" in the production of the media. There must be media available for those with visually impaired. We call it. "Braille" braille will guide them to a stable future effectively. Braille production. It is absolutely necessary for the visually impaired. And it is something to learn to understand thoroughly. The person who will produce the Braille media. Must have knowledge. Ability to read Braille. The format of the book should be in line with the standards set and audited and evaluated in accordance with the media standards required to obtain more quality work called "auditors and evaluators of media standards".

So I wrote an article about examining and evaluating teaching media standards. It also has the duty to review and evaluate Braille media for students, as well as individuals who are involved in various agencies. And realize the quality of the work to be appropriate. Cause pride And can be translated into a book of Braille books. For the disabled to have knowledge. Understanding the production of Braille media.

Braille) Is a font used for the blind. The braille maker is named. "Louis Braille" is a French blind teacher. The nature of the braille is a small dot. And in one box will be composed of 6 position, the manufacturer will alternate it into a code instead of a good eye. We call it. "Mathematical symbols, science, music, music, etc.

For tools used in braille writing. It consists of slate will have many characteristics. Each one will be different. The blind is called "four slots row slate 9 row or slate 27 row, etc. Another device that is used in the braille is a stylus, which our mouth language called" pencil "is. Pencil sharp needle Can be punched on the slate to a point 6 convex point, but at the same time it requires paper to write. The paper must have the same size as the paper. A 4 will be appropriate.

There are also prints. This will be one way to make Braille prints, so you will need a braille printer for braille printing. We call it "Brailler", which requires a cardboard to make the braille point sharp. And easy to read.

Media Standards Assessment and Assessment

In examining and evaluating the teaching media standards. Braille display devices are devices that display braille displays by the visually impaired. In reading, the book is required. The braille display must be connected to the computer. To display the Braille display via the Braille display. Time to check and evaluate the media standards must be read with the normal people. There will be original books along with Braille files. To detect and fix the wrong part, whether to solve the line in the missing section is the page. And correct the wrong word according to the original of the book to complete.

After completing the examination and evaluation. It goes into the process of printing a Braille book. The braille is mainly used in the braille. Binding is a complete braille. The braided paper will use a lot of original paper thickness or width. When it comes out, it will be more than the original book. Including book services for visually impaired people who want to use in school. Or educational institutions. Or to serve books to blind young people visually turn to read more Braille books.

So braille is what is important to us all blind people. To practice the skill to learn. Braille media can be produced for the target audience nationwide, including encouraging participation in reading and developing knowledge. It also encourages ordinary people or volunteers who have the ability to read books. Or print the original book to the blind. He has been involved in the production of Braille books with Benyalai Library. To produce the learning media to meet the needs of the recipient. It also helps in the production of media in a variety of valuable and beneficial. For those with visual impairment. The book is. Read more These are all things that give value. It also results in the development of the quality of life of people with visual impairments.