Picture of topic Articles When having good eye contact, there must be space for the blind.

From past to present, access to the media. In everyday life, for ordinary people, whether it is television, radio, film or print, you have easy access to a wide range of choices. The media is knowledge. To the media for entertainment. In either animation or still images or print media. Where can I buy? Or visit the property. Or place of sale. Entertainment is accessible only by reading. Many readers. You may have experienced. Addictive media type of author. Not much, of course. No, that's a weekly magazine. Long story Or comic books. But the media for the visually impaired. Not easy access to that size. Readers try to imagine. Think about the weekly magazine you follow regularly. The long story that you wait to read every month, but when to re-create and serve in the form of braille. From the weekly magazine. May become monthly. It is difficult to reach and timely like the normal person. Because the Braille Media Production Process That is called. You have to start again. Since printing a new text file from the original book. Then translate to use the program to change to Braille. Verification for accuracy Then print with a printer such as a computer braille printer. And to make a book before the service, it became a monthly magazine. This is the only one of them. There are many more that blind people want to read, but do not have access to it "we have to service"

We are the author. "Bureau of the Library" And take it. The author first introduced himself. The name of Mr. Jacana Manee is currently working in the office of the library Benyalai as a technician. And trust the management assigned to work one more position. Head of Systems Development and Technology Services Provides media technology services. The special of this department. This makes it different from other visually impaired services, that is, we compile media that is in the form of Braille fonts. Daisy Audio System Knowledge Articles By creating a system of online media services through the website of Bibular Library. To give visually impaired people access to the media from anywhere. And provide service units. In the network can download Braille files for use or copy to braille books to serve visually impaired people thoroughly and quickly. No need to start the production process repeatedly. Reduce time to produce the media to the recipient. Some blind people. Or some unit of service. Braille displays may already be available. You can download Braille files for use. Through the device immediately. It is easier and easier in the audio of the Daisy. Readers may not know or do not understand. What kind of media is this? Unlike other types of audio media, I would like to explain this simple, please think about the media you use through the system media player. Nowadays, computers may be used to play media. You do not like or want to change to listen to other media. Just click your mouse and drag to the desired section. But for the visually impaired. This method does not solve the problem as it should. Because there are more difficult than ordinary people. Also not accurate may be wrong to move. But if it is a sound system Daisy. The book is marked on the page. Or heading On page This allows you to scroll through the pages. It's easy. For example You read the last page to 53 the next time you read. You do not have to scroll one page at a time to find the last page. You can scroll to the 53 page immediately and scroll to the last reading as well. It's convenient and nice, but it's not as easy to do as well. The process of producing the media in this system. The process and time of preparation are not different from braille media. Must have a voice recorder with a specific program. The file will be marked in different sections. Edit the recorded media For the best sound and the best. But that's harder than producing the media. It is the creation and development of a system to play audio media system Daisy online. We have "Library Bureau Benyalai" is intended to develop the system to serve the target. Access to and use of this media from anywhere. No matter where you are Just have an internet connection. By developing this online media system, the authors and teams in the development department continue to develop in order to be able to provide services on a daily basis. And we will not stop this development. The vision of the Bureau of the Library said that. "Benyalai Library Bureau Library for Lifelong Learning