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Today's News "I do not stigmatize husband."

From the inquiries coming in every day, the lawyers will move from counseling to legal issues to consult a couple life problems. Many things that I asked. But today, let's take a story that is not supposed to be in the 4G era has come up. I do not think so. It is a matter of marriage to the marriage registration.

Due to hand in hand to express the love of the district by marriage registration, the officer asked whether he had married or not. Men or Women It was not until his staff married the marriage. Live for a few years Another legal lawmaker emerges. You come along with your baby, you walk around in front of the house. Women find this mute offline. Get pregnant Lastly, check out the love of love with the marriage certificate is really old. What's the legal way to arrest a man with a heart defect? No, this charge is not, but there is a charge "false allegations to the authorities" under the penal code Section 137 jail no more than 6 months, or fine not more than 1 thousand, or both.

In this case, the woman can report the man arrested on the charges that the lawyer said that.

The consequence here is that Cina is troubled because when the leaves are married, the two leaves are void. There is no legal effect, but the funny thing is that the second woman to cancel any transaction made during the marriage is fraudulent, it must be filed with the court. Otherwise, he does not change. The child also has legal rights from his father in all respects. Alimony Inheritance rights of the father, etc.

The case was the men went to prison disturbance sensual base before I say! False report to an officer, you have a right to live his own legal action against them (according to the Supreme 2614 / 2518).

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