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Text, image, sound, content, logo, name, presentation method And any components All of this web site is the property of the Benyalai Library. By law alone And protected by Copyright Act, 2537, the use of any text, images, sounds, symbols, and images on any one or all of this website to be made public in a non-commercial manner. The author must describe the source of the information. By the logo of (Bureau of Library Bureau), every information or content is always included.

The Bureau of the Library of Benyalai prohibits any person to copy, copy, reproduce, modify, publicly distribute, rent, In a manner that is commercial exploitation. Or bad luck It is not allowed by the Library of Benyalai. Copying text, images, sounds, content, symbols, etc. on this website of the Bibli Library. No matter what the case. By using the Online library service, users of the Online Library service on this site will be able to: ("User") acknowledges and accepts the Terms of Service Online Library as follows:

1. Users are entitled to access the Online library service on this website when applying for the full service and follow the steps and agreements set forth by the Bibular Library. Online content library in the number of items and the time that the library Benyalai.
2 Online access to the Online Library service is exclusive and limited to subscribers only. Consequently, the subscriber must keep the password confidential. To prevent others from logging in to perform any actions. This may cause damage to the users themselves. Or overall system. And if damage occurs, the user is solely responsible for the damage.
Users agree that content provided in the Online library (including but not limited to photos, images, examples, images, subtitles, video clips, and news articles) is protected by copyright and intellectual property laws. Ownership or control by the Benyalai Library.
4. Ramintr University's Library. Not allowed to send or distribute online content, or for those who do not use the service.
5. Library of Benyalai. In its sole discretion, to terminate or suspend a user's account. All or part of the library. Reserves the right to refuse any person access to the Online Library at any time. And for whatever reason. DISCLAIMER AND LIMITATION OF LIABILITY The content on this site is for informational and educational purposes only. Benyalai Library Do not give any advice about the content that appears on this site. Due to personal or electronic defects. Content may be delayed, incomplete, or inaccurate. The Library of Benyalai. The best effort will be made to ensure accuracy. Accuracy and reliability of data. At the Library of Benyalai. Get information from trusted sources. These data are based on "as is" basis.

Without any warranty whatsoever. Benyalai Library Bureau It does not provide any certification. And disclaim all responsibility on the site and its content. Explicitly displayed Or implicitly to a website user or external user. Include a statement of accuracy. At the right time, perfection is present. Non-infringement Tradeability Or benefits for any particular purpose. Either by use, or by tradition or by trade, or by law. INCLUDING, BUT NOT RESPONSIBLE IN THE FOLLOWING ANY ERROR OR OMISSION. That might happen Although it is due to intentional or gross negligence. Benyalai Library Bureau Not be liable for any breach of contract or otherwise by any third party, user, or third party. Benyalai Library Bureau Not liable to any user of the site or any other person. In the loss or damage that occurs. Notwithstanding all or part of any damages that may be incurred beyond our control or negligence of acquisition, collection, translation, correction, writing, reporting, or transmission of any content. Benyalai Library Bureau It is not liable to any website user or any other person for any claims. Taken from or beyond the site or any content. This includes any decision or action. That is due to the trust in the content of such users of the site. Or in any damage. Like direct damage Or indirect damage, etc., even though there may be any damage.